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We take pride in our work and at the same time we realise that you need your vehicle in top condition as soon as possible. We guarantee that we will keep you updated if we find any unexpected issues with

Mercedes Benz factory trained

The Mercedes-Benz Training Academy offers highly specialised technical programs for Technicians to continuously fostering a Technicians knowledge and skills set. The Mercedes Benz Certified Diagnosis Technician Program is a specialised program that consists of a variety of individual training courses comprised of


Modern on board diagnostics (OBD) tools use a standardized digital communications port to provide real-time data in addition to a standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes, or DTCs, which allow us to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle. We pride

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White, Bright, Clean & Serviced

White, Bright, Clean & Serviced

Another happy customer and now a very clean car and engine bay. Just one of the perks of getting your vehicle serviced with us.

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What our Clients say

Conrad is an amazing mechanic who has quickly and kindly helped me with my car the past few days. I was due for a service but had a feeling I would require a few extra parts. Conrad was not only incredibly professional but very honest and genuine about what I needed, when it needed to be changed and how much it would cost me (still way below what I expected from past experiences with other mechanics). It's clear he has tons of experience and I felt very safe and respected bringing my car to him.

Hannah Clair

Big and tidy shop off Parramatta Rd. Conrad provided a price breakdown before and during my car being serviced. I wasn't pressured into repairs and could easily discuss taking my car in on a future date. Conrad gave me a list of work that will be done during the next service.

Mina Rix


This 1998 Subaru WRX got some new rear shocks and front brake pads. Would you believe me if i told you it has over 400,000kms? That’s the equivalent of driving around the equator 10 times.